As the hotels in Paxos Island are different from regular hotels


Visit Paxos Island for the first time will undoubtedly offer a lifelong experience of going to an unforgettable vacation with your family. Well, there is not one reason behind this statement, but there are many things that make this island a paradise for lovers of peace. In any case, before discussing the reasons that will make your holiday an unforgettable period of your life, or to make the island of Paksos different from the others, let's talk about the island of Paksos.

Where is Paxos Island? As you know, the country of Greece is famous for its beautiful islands, and Paxos is surprisingly one of them. Although the island is the smallest among all islands in Greece, despite this, it is visited by a huge crowd of visitors around the world, especially those looking for a peaceful and romantic place to rest. The island is in the arms of the Ionian or the Heppenian Islands and is located at a distance of nine miles from Corfu, which is its closest city. Greece's land is at a distance of ten miles from Paxos. To reach Paxos, you will need to rent a boat from Corfu, because the island does not have its own airport, and the only airport to which it can be reached is only on Coral.

But, surprisingly, the absence of the airport could not stop nature and peace lovers from coming there. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the absence of the airport has proven to be a boon to Paksos because it kept him intact from any pollution that would have occurred due to the arrival of the aircraft. The island is mostly covered with olive trees, which is also the main source of income for residents, except for fishing and small commercial activities.

The east coast of the island has gravel, while the west coast has only rocks and limestone cliffs.

Paxos Island hotel: t If you are worried about staying on the island, you should not think about it much. Because, like other developed cities, Paksos is also blessed with all the facilities and amenities that you found in other cities, so finding a hotel on the island of Paksos is no exception. However, these hotels are different from the usual hotels you stayed during a visit to a place during a holiday.

Hotels in Greece are similar to your own home, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the same freedom as at home. As a general practice when staying in a hotel you have to book a room before you arrive there, even if you stay in these hotels you have to book them before you arrive. But, here you will not have to follow the restrictions on staying in one or double room or eating the food provided by the hotel. On the contrary, here you will have large rooms with double beds, a living room with a seating furniture and other furniture, the possibility of cooking their own food in the kitchen. Another thing that distinguishes Paxosa hotels from other hotels in the presence of balconies, swimming pools and terraces, which do not offer regular hotels.

All of these three facilities give you the privilege of looking out from the balcony and the terrace to the cultic view of the island and the surrounding area, while the separate swimming pool offers you the possibility to enjoy swimming in accordance with your mood. While staying in a hotel, you will not find a balcony or terrace to see the surrounding areas, and swimming is allowed even in certain hours.

What activities can you enjoy on the island: Although the island of Paxos is small compared to the rest of the island, it still has everything it can offer to visitors who come there. Here you can enjoy enjoying various types of water sports, sailing to nearby towns, walking on the beaches, enjoying the enchanting view of the fireflies in the evening, learn about the way of life of the indigenous people, the culture of Greece and, of course, a romantic and peaceful holiday.