Hotel Reviews, If You Do It?


When you think of a hotel reviewer, what image do you have in mind? You probably imagine the person who is staying in the most luxurious hotels in the world, eating in extraordinary restaurants and being treated like a king. Well, this picture can be true if you think of a reviewer working for a great publication, such as Forbes Travel Guide or The LHW. Unfortunately, most hotel reviewers, like me, do not work for large publications; pretty independent. This causes some of the difficulties I will provide in the following paragraphs.


Hobbies and small reviewers usually do not have much financial resources. Unlike large publications that can buy the best equipment on the market, hire reputable journalists and buy advertisements, people like me can not afford these luxuries. In fact, I can not even photograph my photos of the hotel, but I am obliged to reach every hotel I would like to introduce and to get permission to use their materials, which is a process that proved to be very difficult.


Most of the hotels I worked on were very difficult to work. Public relations and marketing departments of luxury hotels will usually give you difficulty before granting you permission to use their media material, even if your goal is to portray them in a very positive light.


When you make an overview and recommend that people go to a specific place, you have the commitment and responsibility for your recommendation. You will certainly not have any responsibility for their satisfaction, but you will not sleep well at night, if you send someone to a place you do not like truly and honestly. Research plays a key role in this business. My budget does not allow me to visit personally, or at least to send someone I trust to the hotels I own, instead, I very much depend on the differences that each hotel I use and the guests who comment on the hotel sharing their experiences with the world. Fortunately, until now I have received huge feedback from people who went to the hotels that I recommended, which brings me a lot of fulfillment.

Time Consumption:

If you follow copyright and respect the intellectual property of the hotels you represent, prepare to spend a lot of time on your project. When you receive all the permissions you have requested, you will need to start building the review. Find the perfect background music, narration, filter unimportant photos and videos and write a lot of text. In the end, everything should be wrapped up in a video that does not last longer than ten minutes.

Respect and recognition:

Personally, when I finish my review, it fills me with a sense of joy. But unfortunately, everyone will not like the video that you worked so hard to create, you will not end up with millions of views, and you will not be enriched by doing it. If you are inconsistent and do not post or blog every day, you will simply not get the gratitude and recognition you deserve.

In view of this, it's not all bad to check hotels. I know that every review I publish makes a break for someone I do not know much better. The hotel review encourages hotels to provide a better service and to be more pleasant and pleasant. This work has a wonderful karma for him, and who knows what opportunities this hobby will open for me.

So, what do you think after reading this article? Do you still want to be a reviewer of the hotel?